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About the World Heart Federation

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A knowledgeable and caring world heart, beating equally for everyone.


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Our Vision


We believe every human being should have access to the information, care and treatment they need to keep their heart healthy, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, education or income.

Our Core Values


World Heart Vision 2030

Paving the way for cardiovascular health equity
Leveraging innovation and technologies for cardiovascular health
fostering timely implementation of knowledge
placing cardiovascular health at the heart of health and climate policies

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3.4

Reduce premature mortality from CVD and other NCDs by 33% by 2030

About WHF

A leader and convener in global cardiovascular health, the World Heart Federation champions heart health and acts to reduce the global burden of heart disease and stroke, which together claim 18.6 million lives every year. Our membership of more than 200 heart foundations, scientific societies and patient organizations in more than 100 countries is an active hub, promoting heart health and driving change at the local, regional and global level.

As the principal representative body of the global cardiovascular community, WHF brings together a diverse network of multi-sectoral actors to share knowledge, guide policy, and give people the tools they need to live longer, healthier lives.

Download the WHF Strategy 2021-23

The World Heart Federation is the only CVD organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO)

With common goals for global health equity, WHO and WHF are natural allies. Our close partnership enables us to share and align our knowledge and goals around cardiovascular disease, primarily in key areas like tobacco and air pollution, as well as neglected conditions such as rheumatic heart disease and Chagas disease.

WHF has “official relations” status as accorded by the Executive Board of WHO to those non-state actors that meet their rigorous criteria for formal engagement. Actors in official relations with WHO are granted additional privileges and access such as the ability to make statements during World Health Assembly debates and participate in high-level meetings.

Our Mission

To connect, lead and inspire the cardiovascular community

To connect, lead and inspire the cardiovascular community by bringing together scientific cardiology societies, heart foundations, health professionals, patients and the general public, policymakers, governments and the private sector to achieve heart health for everyone.

To translate science into policy

To translate science into policy to influence agencies, governments and policy makers.

To stimulate and catalyse the exchange of knowledge across borders

To stimulate and promote the exchange of information, ideas, practices across all borders, to achieve heart health for everyone, everywhere.

Our History


The World Heart Federation is formed by a merger of the International Society of Cardiology (ISC) and the International Cardiology Federation (ICF), under the name of the International Society and Federation of Cardiology (ISFC).


An agreement between UNESCO, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Heart Federation instigates ongoing cooperation on different projects, such as the prevention of rheumatic fever and heart disease, Chagas disease and risk factors in school-age children in developing countries


ISFC changes its name to the World Heart Federation, which has since then grown to become a cornerstone of the cardiovascular health field, currently working with more than 200 members and partners around the world.


The World Heart Federation is recognized by the World Health Organization as its leading NGO partner in cardiovascular disease prevention.

WHF Presidents, 1978-Present

2021-22 | Fausto Pinto
2019-20 | Karen Sliwa
2017-18 | David Wood
2015-16 | Salim Yusuf
2013-14 | Srinath Reddy
2011-12 | Sidney C. Smith Jr
2009-10 | Pekka Puska
2007-08 | Shahryar A Sheikh
2005-06 | Valentin Fuster
2003-04 | Philip Poole-Wilson
2001-02 | Mario F.C. Maranhao
1999-00 | Tak-Fu Tse
1997-99 |
Antonio Bayes de Luna
1995-96 | Elliot Rapaport
1993-94 | David T. Kelly
1991-92 | Wilhelm Rutishauser
1989-90 | Mario R. Garcia-Palmieri
1987-88 | Chuichi Kawai
1985-86 | Paul Puech
1983-84 | Thomas N. James
1981-82 | Henry N. Neufeld
1978-80 | John F. Goodwin (founder of ISCP, a merger of ISC & ICF)




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