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Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum launches today

09 Feb 2016

World Heart Federation member the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) International Committee, along with individuals and organizations from across the globe, have come together to create the Global Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Forum (GCNLF).

Recognizing that nurses and nursing organizations are on the front lines of patient education, the primary goal of the GCLNF is to promote nurses as leaders in the prevention of the global CVD epidemic through engagement and mobilization of the international nursing community.

Major areas of focus include:

• Identify, engage and mobilize the international community of cardiovascular nursing leadership in CVD and stroke prevention

• Cultivate the role of nurses as ambassadors of this important global disease prevention message

• Promote working collaboratively with other healthcare providers and international organizations dedicated to the prevention of CVD and stroke

• Work to develop practices, policies and educational programmes that help nurses around the world adhere to evidence-based practice guidelines, while taking into account advancements in CVD risk reduction and stroke prevention (including those focused on cultural and gender differences)

• Establish an international ‘CVD and Stroke Prevention Nurse Expert Roster’

A new website has been developed as a resource for nurses and healthcare professionals across the globe. In part, the site acts as a ‘clearing house’ of international patient education materials, to facilitate access to high quality materials and foster an understanding of best practices in other countries.

For more information, please visit the PCNA website and the new GCLNF website.

We are delighted to welcome the PCNA to WCC 2016 in Mexico City 4-7 June.

On Sunday, June 5, GCNLF leaders Kathy Berra and Laura Hayman will present a session on ‘Reducing the Global Burden of CVD: Challenges and Opportunities for Nurses.’ Kathy Berra will also lead an interactive session later in the day on the role of nurses in CVD prevention and care management.

Laura Hayman, along with Nancy Houston Miller and Barbara Fletcher, will also present ‘Patient and Public Education for Reducing CVD Risk: A Focus on Literacy’ on Tuesday, June 7. Also that day, Nancy Houston Miller will lead ‘Speaking about Adherence: Improving Success in Clinical Practice.’