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NCD Alliance is now a member of the Global Climate and Health Alliance

22 Oct 2015

The Global Climate and Health Alliance works to ensure that health impacts are integrated into global, regional, national and local policy responses to climate change, in order to: encourage and support the health sector to lead by example in mitigating and adapting to climate change; and raise awareness of the health threats posed by climate change and the potential health benefits of climate mitigation policies.

Key focus areas include air pollution, transport and food, all of which have clear and very strong links with non-communicable diseases (NCDs). 7 million deaths occur annually due to air pollution, primarily due to respiratory conditions, cancer, stroke, and ischaemic heart disease. Promoting walking and cycling presents particular benefits for diabetes, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer, as well as reducing fuel emissions. Diets high in red meat and processed food have negative impacts for health, but also on the climate, on account of the energy required and emissions resulting from production and transportation.

From 30 November-11 December, Member States will meet at the Paris UN Climate Conference (COP21) with the agreed the aim of achieving an ambitious and universal agreement on climate change for the period after 2020. The months leading up to and immediately after the conference offer a unique opportunity to add the weight of health to the climate change discussion to ensure adoption of a strong agreement. Collaboration between the health and climate community has the potential for immense benefit for both people and planet.

In the lead up to COP21, the Global Climate and Health Alliance has launched a campaign entitled “Our Climate Our Health” including an informal collaboration with WHO. The NCDA, of which World Heart Federation CEO is Vice Chair, is pleased to be supporting the campaign. The following two weeks of the Campaign are dedicated to placing a spotlight on NCDs. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the health impacts of climate change and the actions that can be taken to protect both people and planet, and for commitment to good health to be added to the call for adoption of a strong climate agreement in Paris. Please do support the campaign in the ways outlined below, especially in the next two weeks.

• Sign up to and promote The World Health Organization’s Call To Action on Climate Change and Health

• Share the Campaign Materials here

• Promote the “Did You Know” and General Resources collated for the Campaign