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Sharing the burden of CVD & Diabetes – a global collaborative effort

01 Jan 1970

The sad story of diabetes as a rising epidemic is having a vast and measurable impact on health systems, on health economies and changing lives of patients and families living with this burden every day.

The scale of this disease is immense and with more and more scientific evidence linking CVD and diabetes, this disease area needs an intense global effort for all those who can make a difference to improve the lives of patients.

WHF launched the CVD & Diabetes Roadmap project in 2018 as the first step in a collaborative effort to prevent and improve prospects of this dooming trend not only for those diagnosed but for our health populations that may fall into the Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 trap.

WHF, in line with the WHF Global Roadmaps project, is reaching out to health care workers, to patients, decision makers and policy makers and civil society bound by the collective interest in preventing this largely preventable disease.

What’s been done so far!

  • A core writing group has convened and are working together to develop a Roadmap on prevention of CVD among patients with diabetes
  • This writing group reached out through WHF & IDF members in a first survey in December 2018 asking members to comment on key elements based on an ideal patient pathway, barriers along this pathway, and potential solutions. An impressive 161 responses were recorded and summarised.
  • During a Roadmap writing group meeting that took place in Atlanta in January 2019, all comments and feedback received formed the basis of all discussions.
  • A stakeholder meeting with key members from the WHF Roadmap and industry partners took place in New Orleans in March 2019, discussing the findings of the survey, and the dissemination and implementation efforts to be made following this publication
  • Feedback of this survey has been incorporated into the key design framework and a second survey round is now ready for an even wider target audience, including all those who can make change not only for diabetes patients with CVD but also for future patients, with a specific focus on prevention. This is where we need your help, to come together, give your voice, and ensure that the final Roadmap reflects the needs of all stakeholders.