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World Heart Federation calls for stronger measures on tobacco control at COP9

09 Nov 2021

This is a statement made at the Ninth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC (COP9) on agenda item 3: Global Progress in the Implementation of the WHO FCTC.



Honourable Chair, Distinguished Delegates,

The World Heart Federation welcomes the progress report and applauds the Convention Secretariat for its leadership in global tobacco control.

Tobacco remains a leading cause of cardiovascular diseases and deaths, accounting for approximately 17% of all CVD deaths globally. In recent years, electronic nicotine delivery systems have become increasingly popular, especially among young populations. Nonetheless, a growing number of studies have strongly linked e-cigarettes to a range of health issues, including heart diseases.

Novel tobacco and nicotine products are far from harmless. The tobacco industry has a long history of systematic and deliberate interference in health and regulatory sciences. For decades, it has sought to create unnecessary and harmful controversy in the minds of the public and policymakers for the sole purpose of protecting its profits.

Therefore, we urge Parties, and all relevant stakeholders, to fully implement the Framework Convention in order to safeguard the health of their populations.

Thank you.