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WHF is pleased to partner with Withings on World Heart Day to increase awareness of CVD prevention

28 Sep 2019

In recent years much has been done to improve mortality caused by the cardiovascular epidemic, but it remains the number one killer on the planet and any decline may be short term and can change direction so we cannot relax our vigilance. Human behaviour plays a huge part in CVD risk, with lifestyle factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity, together with socio-economic and genetic factors, being a major cause of CVD.

World Heart Day is the world’s biggest awareness-raising platform for CVD and this year we are pleased to partner with Withings, a connected health leader known for its clinically-validated devices that provide people with valuable insights into their overall health to help them reach their goals, in order to motivate people to promise to take control of their risk factors and help prevent heart disease and stroke. For instance:

  • Getting more active is a well-documented strategy for reducing CVD risk and some studies suggest that 15 minutes of brisk walking every day can halve the risk of CVD mortality among seniors. Reports suggest that using pedometers or walking apps and setting daily targets can increase physical activity by about a third.
  • Obesity makes you twice as likely to have high blood pressure and some studies also show that reduced sleep can cause an increase in the likelihood of hypertension by around a third. People who check their own blood pressure at home, along with education and counselling, can be better at sticking to their medicines and controlling their blood pressure.

“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world, making it crucial that people take control of their heart health today and make improvements that will help them prevent major issues in the future,” said Mathieu Letombe, CEO of Withings. “We are excited to partner with the World Heart Federation for this year’s World Heart Day to help educate people on simple habits they can incorporate into their daily routines – like adding more activity to their day and monitoring their blood pressure from home –  to make lasting changes.”

Download the CVD prevention factsheet now in English and French at

 My Heart, Your Heart

Created and led by the World Heart Federation (WHF), World Heart Day aims to combat the rising of people with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and champion heart health equity. The 2019 campaign is about creating a global network of Heart Heroes, all inspiring each other to look after our hearts by making and keeping a promise:

  • A promise to our families to cook and eat more healthily, exercise more and stop using tobacco
  • A promise to our children to help them to be more active and to say no to smoking
  • A promise as healthcare professionals to help patients to control their CVD risk factors
  • A promise as policymakers to implement an NCD action plan
  • A promise for MY HEART, YOUR HEART

On 29 September, people all around the world will unite to fight CVD by making and sharing their own campaign posters online, holding awareness activities and events, spreading the word on social media, sharing the campaign videos, organizing fundraising activities for their local heart foundation and illuminating iconic landmarks, buildings or monuments.

To make your promise to support heart health this World Heart Day, visit and create and share your own poster and promise on social media using #WorldHeartDay and tagging