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WHO World No Tobacco Day 2018 Awards – Western Pacific Region: Professor Hu Dayi, Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, People’s Republic of China

21 Jun 2018

The World Heart Federation (WHF) is delighted to congratulate Prof Hu Dayi, president of our member the China Heart Federation on his WHO World No Tobacco Day 2018 award for his continued efforts in tobacco control.

On the occasion of the 2018 World No Tobacco Day campaign, Dr. Gao Li, WHO Representative in China, presented this year’s World No Tobacco Day Award to Prof Hu Dayi, a cardiovascular expert who has worked for a long time to control tobacco, President of Chinese Association on Tobacco Control.

As Prof Hu said: “I urge all doctors, especially cardiovascular doctors, to stand up as models and pioneers in tobacco control. Those who have smoked should throw away the packets of cigarettes from today and quit smoking; people should be brave enough to stand up against those who smoke in public places!”

He believes in justice, believes in time, and believes in history. “Never believe that a tobacco industry that hurts people’s health, allows young people to advance to myocardial infarction, makes people crippled and loses their lives prematurely, and their background can become mad, serves the population well. We cannot speak of a healthy China if we do not control tobacco, in that case chronic disease prevention would be senseless. The more beneficial it is to public health, the harder it is to do, and the more worthwhile it is to fight for it. Being the president of the China Tobacco Control Association is infinitely honorable to me.”

Prof Hu believes it is necessary to create an atmosphere of public opinion away from tobacco and tobacco control in the entire society. To let the public know that smoking addiction is a condition, it is a chronic disease. At the same time, we must vigorously publicize the concept of quitting smoking and train the public to consciously discourage illegal smoking behavior. For smokers in public places, people should be bold to stand up and say “no” to reduce the risk of secondhand smoke. He said that tobacco control should be regarded as a new subject, discipline construction will be well established, and a good platform will be set up to establish a large tobacco control database.

He has called on the majority of doctors to stand at the forefront of tobacco control, to be pioneers in tobacco control and a model for quitting smoking, and to play a positive role in leading a healthy social atmosphere. It will further give play to the advantages of the association, assist in accelerating the pace of tobacco control and legal construction, and promote tobacco control on the track of legalized management. He is also devoted to incorporating the smoking cessation prescription into the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases, promoting the smoke-free legislation in public places of China and pushing health education and publicity on tobacco control.


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