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World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health 2016 opening ceremony

05 Jun 2016

In Mexico City yesterday evening (4 June 2016), researchers, cardiologists, policymakers and health leaders from around the world came together to mark the beginning of the World Heart Federation’s World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health.


The photo shows Dr Salim Yusuf, WHF President, giving his opening address.

Over the course of WCC 2016, leading figures in cardiovascular health will share ground-breaking research, new technological advances and practical examples of how interventions from around the world can be implemented in various settings to save lives.

Among the priorities for WCC 2016 is a focus on reducing global inequalities. Currently, 80% of CVD deaths occur in low and middle income countries. Dr Salim Yusuf, President of the World Heart Federation, said: “Despite the numerous medical advances the cardiovascular community has made in recent years, the epidemic of CVD globally has spread and the burden has shifted to the non-Western countries. We now have the knowledge to prevent 80% of heart attacks and strokes; we must use this knowledge to ensure that CVD is reduced across the globe and not just in countries that are more economically developed.”

The need for solidarity and cooperation in the global fight against CVD was echoed by President Tabare Vazquez of Uruguay, who contributed to the opening ceremony via video message. He was honoured with a special award from The World Heart Federation for his outstanding contribution to tobacco control in Uruguay.

Dr Valentin Fuster, WHF Past President, was also presented with an award in recognition of contribution to the control of cardiovascular diseases globally.

Concluding his opening address, Dr Yusuf issued a strong call to action: “Let us be the generation of dreamers who will make premature CVD a matter of history.”