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Best Prevention Campaign 2020

Royal Health Awareness Society – Jordan
The law protects our health… put it out!


Jordan is facing a tobacco epidemic where more than 60% of males and 25% of youth aged 13-15 are using tobacco. Tobacco use is major cause of cardiovascular disease and other noncommunicable diseases and has been estimated to cause 1 in 4 deaths from CVD. To tackle this prevalent issue, RHAS partnered with WHO and Ministry of Health, and the prime ministry to implement a communications campaign to promote the public health law, under FCTC 2030 project to enhance tobacco control.

Accordingly, an action plan to conduct public awareness and advocacy campaign has been developed by RHAS in agreement with its partners with the objective of raising public awareness about the smoking ban in public spaces under the Public Health Law 47 and to engage the public in reporting violations through the government application “Bekhedmetkom”, or through the Ministry of Health Hotline, whereby a separate extension has been set up to report tobacco related violations. RHAS was the main implementor of the campaign, and the Campaign was supported by WHO Jordan/ FCTC, Bloomberg philanthropies, Greater Amman Municipality. Multiple partners of the original campaign were also involved (Vital startegies, IFMSA, KHCF, Leena and Green Hands, No Tobacco and others).

Mass media campaign: The campaign builds on the previous concept of “Think about us and Put it Out” however, instead of focusing on second hand smoke health effects, this year the campaign targets the general public with a focus on governmental institutions, ministries, schools, hospitals and health centers, workplaces, restaurants and public transport, restaurants.

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