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Most Creative Campaign 2021

Indonesian Heart Foundation
Show Your He(art) Campaign

The Indonesian Heart Foundation, in order to commemorate 40 years of presence in Indonesian society, teamed up with 11 contemporary artists and 16 fashion and accessory designers who donate their works under the theme of “heart”. Their works also aimed to collect funds to support heart disease patients from disadvantaged families. 

In addition, one of the goals of this collaboration with contemporary artists and designers was to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.

As a result of the great efforts and support from these artists and designers, a total of 48 artworks were collected and presented in an exhibition titled “Berdetak 4 Dekade Yayasan Jantung Indonesia” (4 decades of the Indonesian Heart Foundation) at the National Museum of Indonesia. 

In addition to holding an exhibition, we also launched a book with the same theme, “Berdetak 4 Dekade Yayasan Jantung Indonesia”, which is a coffee table book that looks back on the stories and interpretation of the same artists and designers of the exhibition, as well as the history of the creation and the trajectory of the Indonesian Heart Foundation. 

This book is also a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the founders, administrators, physicians and volunteers who have dedicated 40 years of service working with the government to lower the incidence of heart and cardiovascular disease in Indonesia.

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