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Most Inspiring World Heart Day Campaign 2021

Singapore Heart Foundation


On average, 19 people die daily from cardiovascular diseases in Singapore, which corresponded to more than 30% of all deaths in 2020. As there are a large proportion of Singaporeans who are still unaware of their health status due to the lack of routine general medical checkups, it is hardly possible to take precautionary measures to mitigate the various risk factors that may develop into serious health conditions in the future.  

During World Heart Day, the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) organized a variety of activities to raise awareness among the Singaporean population, including Hugopoly, a playful tool to connect and engage the public in deepening their knowledge of heart health. 

Through weekly challenges and contests (including reaching 10,000 steps walked in a day and the preparation of nutrient-rich food recipes), players were able to earn points that were later redeemed for valuable prizes such as a Philips air dryer, a Polar Unite watch, Fairprice vouchers and more. The campaign was a total success, reaching a total of 435 participating players during the event period.