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Junbo Ge

Candidate for President-Elect
A portrait image of Junbo Ge

Junbo Ge

Candidacy Motivation and Relevance

I am Dr. Junbo Ge, the member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Director of the Department of Cardiology of Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University. I am also the President of Chinese College of Cardiovascular Physicians, Past President of Chinese Society of Cardiology (2015-2018), President of Chinese Cardiovascular Association, the current Board Member of World Heart Federation. I have been served as an International Advisor to ACC’s International Committee and ACC China Chapter Governor.

After about nearly 10 year’s study and work in Germany, I have built close friendship with international colleagues and became members of many international cardiovascular societies.

As a first line cardiologist, I have witnessed the spectrum transition of the patients from rheumatic heart diseases to ischemic heart diseases in China. I have seen the outbreak of diabetes, dyslipidemia which led to the explosion of systematic vascular diseases in the past decades. Therefore, I believe these experiences would be very helpful to the lower-and-middle-income countries not to repeat the same disease track. In addition, China has 1.4 billion people and by implanting the WHF role in the middle and west part of China will help millions of people. In the past 20 years, I have led cardiovascular societies in China as well as Asian Pacific Region (I have been the President of Asian Pacific Society of Interventional Cardiology) fighting the cardiovascular diseases and achieved plenty experiences. I have implemented the “green channel” treatment concept for acute myocardial infarction which has been developed to the China’s chest pain network (Chest Pain Center), which covers about more than 4,000 hospitals throughout China and rescued millions of emergent patients. Recently, our chest pain center data showed that the air pollution and environmental temperature change would affect the occurrence of heart attacks.

From the bottom of my heart, I would be very delighted to work for the WHF energetically in the next years. The aim is to see the cardiovascular diseases getting controlled on the globe. As whose vision is cardiovascular health for everyone, World Heart Federation puts a high attention on the lower-and middle- income countries. Charity donation, academic exchange and public education are all practical ways to help those countries reducing their cardiovascular burden which is what I have worked and will work for.

If I, a candidate from China, am able to be assigned as the WHF President-Elect 2023-24, I would be move forward further onto international level on WHF with my effort. It’s expected that our contribution and its impact could reach every corner of this globe, from medical equity, healthy planet and academic exchange. What we do is for our common goal and vision — Cardiovascular Health for Everyone!