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WHF Roundtables

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The WHF Roadmaps offer a global framework, tools and solutions that are then used and adapted, through Roundtables, to meet the specific needs of individual regions and nations in fighting cardiovascular diseases. WHF Roadmaps empower WHF Members, including CVD foundations, societies and patient associations, to convene country-specific and action-oriented Roundtables.

WHF Roundtables provide a national forum for stakeholders in cardiovascular health to identify barriers to and solutions for secondary and primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases and then develop a national plan of action to be implemented in partnership with:

  • Governments and policy makers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Academic and research institutions
  • NGOs, health activists and advocates
  • Corporate entities

WHF acts as the global facilitator of the Roundtables. We empower and support our country Members to take a leading role in convening national Roundtables and in taking forward the Action Plans coming out of these stakeholder meetings.

Since 2016, WHF and its members have organized eleven roundtables in Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam and Mexico, on cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes

Organize a roundtable

If you are a WHF Member interested in organizing a roundtable in your country, please contact us.

Download the Roundtables Brochure