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CVD Roadmaps

In 2014, the World Heart Federation (WHF) launched an initiative to develop a series of Global Roadmaps, with the aim of identifying potential roadblocks on the pathway to effective prevention, detection and management of CVD, along with evidence-based solutions to overcome them.

The Roadmaps have become the cornerstone of WHF activities as resources for implementation to guide initiatives to support heart health globally, translating science into policy and influencing agencies, governments and policymakers alike.

With this framework, countries can develop or update national noncommunicable disease (NCD) programmes aligned with the WHO Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013-2020. The overall aim is to drive efforts within national agendas to meet the ambitious target set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals: a 30% reduction in premature mortality caused by NCDs, including CVD, by 2030.

About the Roadmaps

Informing health systems approaches to CVD by prioritizing practical, proven, cost-effective action.

About Our Roadmaps


Assessing strengths and gaps in national CVD programmes and policies.

CVD Scorecards

WHF Roundtables

Translating global frameworks into local action for better heart health.

WHF Roundtables

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