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Juwairia Alali

Candidate for Members at Large
A portrait image of Juwairia Alali

Juwairia Alali

Candidacy Motivation and Relevance

It would be a great honour to join the world heart federation as a member at large. As an active member of Emirates cardiac society I have been always impressed by the efforts made by the WHF to prevent cardiovascular disease and educate both the professional community and the public about it.

I have been elected as the president of Emirates cardiac society last January and my main platform is to focus on cardiac disease in women. I’m a strong believer that women should take charge of their health and it’s our responsibility to inspire them and provide them with the necessary tools. Having to represent the Arabian gulf area and Mediterranean area will give unique insight into the challenges faced in promoting cardiovascular health in the region and will help develop better solutions for the future.

I have watched the launch of the world observatory with great excitement. I think this data will help shed light on challenges in providing cardiovascular care and draw a unique road map for the future. I’m currently one of the PIs on interaspire study in the UAE which will be integrated into the world observatory and I’m looking forward to contributing further into it.

While the classic image of a doctor used to be of a man around the world that doesn’t seen to be the case in the UAE. The majority of medical school graduates are women and despite that very few of them pursue a career in cardiology. I’m very motivated to be a role model for young doctors (especially women) to take on cardiology as a speciality and I think being involved with WHF will give them a glimpse of what they can achieve with hard work. It will also give me an opportunity to network with other leaders in the field to find new and better ways to inspire the younger generation.

I hope you consider me for the position of member at large and I’m looking forward to have a meaningful contribution to the WHF.