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Dr Manar Moqattash

Dentists and Head Manager, Swelieh Al Shamil Health Center, Jordan


profile picture of the heart hero

I make sure that the medical staff follow the screening guidelines for people at risk visiting the health center. This has played a major role in diagnosing many patients who had hypertension and didn’t know about it.

As a dentist, I can’t diagnose nor treat NCD patients. However, I use my position to raise awareness on non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and asthma. Moreover, I’m an active member in the Community Health Committee (CHC). CHCs are committees), created by the Ministry of Health to raise awareness in the Jordanian community about prevalent health issues. Through my participation with the CHC, I take part in screening for conditions such as CVD, diabetes, and hypertension. I also participate in conducting sessions in schools on topics such as smoking and drug abuse.

As a result of our work with the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), the Healthy Community Clinic (HCC) is established in our health center. Patients’ health wellbeing has improved, and many people were able to create significant changes in their lives. For instance, some have lost weight, while others have dropped their Hba1c levels dramatically as they have learnt through the awareness sessions how to cope with their conditions. This has motivated my colleagues and me to continue helping our patients to enhance their lifestyles and improve their health.

Another motive is getting the accreditation by the Health Care accreditation counsel (HCAC), which will help us improve our health services and giving back to the community. We aspire to provide world-class services and we know we can’t do that without providing comprehensive healthcare to our patients.

I believe stress and the community’s response to newly diagnosed diseases are the most significant challenges to combat CVD in our country. Furthermore, the numbers of staff working in the health center are not adequate to meet the demands and the numbers of patients visiting the facility. If I were to issue a new policy, I would introduce a one-hour physical activity or meditation session for the staff to increase their productivity and decrease stress levels, and I’d also make sure all school cafeterias provide healthy snacks.

Finally, I would like to make my own promise for World Heart Day: I promise to help provide a safe, heart-healthy and accessible environment for every citizen, and to make Sweileh Health Center a trusted and safe place that the local community can rely on when they seek any kind of health service.