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Prof Yong Huo

Chairman of World Association of Chinese Cardiologists


In the past 40 years of clinical treatment for cardiovascular disease, I have always insisted upon a “patient-centered” philosophy and honed my skills to improve my ability of diagnosis and treatment. However, it is difficult to improve the capacity of cardiovascular disease prevention and control in China simply by improving individual skills and capabilities. These works need to be extended to the domain of disease prevention, system construction and social promotion.

All along, we pay great attention to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. We propose that H-type hypertension plays a crucial role in the research and outcome transformation of cerebral apoplexy prevention. It is found by study that in patients with hypertension, folic acid supplementation can reduce the incidence of cerebral apoplexy, which is of great significance for the primary prevention of cerebral apoplexy in China.

In recent years, we have promoted the construction of technology, model and system through the Chinese Cardiovascular Association. Through the construction of accreditation centers such as chest pain center, heart failure center and atrial fibrillation center etc., the pre-hospital, inhospital and post-hospital integrated management is realized. I believe that achieving satisfactory results in all aspects of extension within discipline, extension between domains and regional extension will effectively promote the grading diagnosis and treatment in China at the present stage.

In addition, we need to further raise social and public awareness and motivate social participation in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. We have released the China Cardiovascular Health Index (CHI); we establish heart disease day, World Heart Day, Hypertension Prevention Day, Atrial Fibrillation Week and organize other disease-related public benefit activities. Through these efforts, the public’s awareness of prevention is effectively enhanced. Meanwhile, we are actively promoting the popularization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation (CPR-D). We firmly believe that the popularization of disease day and CPR-D will play a pivotal role in the construction of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and control systems.

Taking the Chinese Cardiovascular Association (CCA) as a platform to integrate government, industry, society, and public resources to form a positive interaction, which will effectively promote the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China and the cardiovascular health of Chinese people.