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Global RHD Commitment: progress update

04 May 2017

Rheumatic heart disease has been neglected by decision-makers for too long. RHD Action has therefore created the #TimeToTackleRHD campaign to call for a WHO Resolution on RHD. This major piece of policy is set to be the first global commitment that recognizes RHD as a priority health issue.


Here are some updates from our campaign so far…


#TimeToTackleRHD in numbers

– 185 leaders in RHD prevention and control have received tailored guidance on the Resolution

– 100+ advocacy letters have been posted to Ministers of Health and key ambassadors

– 28 days until RHD is discussed by decision-makers at the World Health Organization

– 9 countries are carrying out #TimeToTackleRHD themed activities on the ground

– 4 drafts of the Resolution text have been reviewed by the World Heart Federation


New Resources Available!

The core #TimeToTackleRHD campaign documents are now available in French. Please visit the RHD Action website to download these resources. An Arabic version of the ‘Background Information’ document will be released shortly.

A new policy brief for decision-makers is also available for download. Please share this resource with influential people across your network!

You can email resolution(at) for more details.


Latest policy insights

Led by the government of New Zealand, and spurred by the #TimeToTackleRHD campaign, a coalition of decision-makers are working on a draft WHO Resolution on RHD. This draft policy will be discussed by global decision-makers at the World Health Organization in Geneva at the 141st Executive Board meeting (EB 141) in June 2017.

RHD Action will be attending and speaking at this event. We hope that decision-makers will decide to continue discussions and finalize the Resolution text in time for May 2018, where it should be passed by the World Health Assembly and put into action.


Our future plans

Our priorities are now:

1. Ensuring that all Ministers of Health know about the proposed Resolution

2. Supporting governments to draft a strong, fair and action-orientated policy text

3. Preparing statements of support for the Resolution to be read at the June WHO meeting

Do you want to get involved? Email to see how you could influence this major policy process.