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World Heart Highlights 2022

15 Dec 2022

Dear friends,

The World Heart Highlights 2022 are here! They provide a quick overview of our joint achievements and give us many reasons for hope in what is coming next.

With the growing global community that we help convene and inspire, the message of cardiovascular health for everyone resounds further. We are stronger and louder together.

Our milestones include the launch of the World Heart Observatory and the ideas and innovation exchanged at the World Heart Summit in Geneva. With our Member, the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, the World Congress of Cardiology in Rio de Janeiro emphasized impact and results through collaboration.

We rallied across sectors for health equity through the World Heart Vision 2030. On World Heart Day, 29 September, our campaign reached an additional billion people.

New Roadmaps, Policy Briefs and Roundtables equipped practitioners, policymakers and patients with ideas, new models of care and hands-on tools. This year’s 8th session of the Emerging Leaders Programme brought to more than 200 the number of participants ready to meet the challenges ahead.

There is much to be proud of and to be encouraged by— we let you read for yourselves and we #UseHeart to say THANK YOU.

Explore our World Heart Highlights 2022.