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Dorairaj Prabhakaran

Candidate for Members at Large

Dorairaj Prabhakaran

Candidacy Motivation and Relevance

Career: I am a Cardiologist with interests in   epidemiology , public health and global health.  My work in prevention resulted in WHO awarding the status of WHO Collaborating Centre for the Southeast Asia region to the Centre for Chronic Disease Control which I head.

Briefly, my work in India and other LMIC’s has demonstrated: the relationship of air pollution to several chronic diseases; the complex interplay of genetic and environmental drivers of chronic diseases in the rapidly urbanizing populations; and the higher risk of heart diseases among the poor and low‐ education groups underscoring the need to provide not just social safety nets but springboards for the poor to build a healthy population. To enhance access to chronic disease care, I am spearheading research on low‐cost, mobile-phone-based solutions to provide personalized patient management solutions, improving quality of care and evaluating several models of care and programs for building the capacity of primary care physicians in the field of chronic diseases.

I have more than 575 publications and was recently listed among the top 2% of World’s researchers by the Stanford University. Recognising my contribution to Indian Science, I was elected as a fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, the highest science academy of India. I was also conferred an honorary Doctor of Science award by the university of Glasgow in July 2022.

Policy: My work has had a significant impact on health care and policy. Under my editorial leadership, the World Bank published the cardiovascular-renal and respiratory disease volume of the latest Disease Control Priorities Project ( which estimates the cost-effectiveness of available interventions and summarises to policymakers worldwide to prioritize their investments.

Work with WHF and Global Health:  I am active in Global Health in myriad ways. I have been part of several roadmaps and helped in the initiation and sustaining of the Emerging Leaders program. As Chair the Science Committee I have provided strategic guidance to the science committee and research at the WHF. I have led a large global study in COVID for the WHF involving several low and low middle income countries, where data on COVID is sparse and this is continuing as a long-term study.  I have also been involved in advocacy for air pollution.

What will I do if elected: Given my strong track record of Research Excellence and Advocacy skills I will articulate the needs of both the Associations and Foundations who are the soul of WHF. Working closely with the leadership of WHF, I will continue to remain the voice of the underserved communities and develop strategies to address the much-needed interventions for improving social determinants both in the LMICs and high-income countries. If elected I will serve in the WHF Executive Committee with the utmost sincerity and diligence.