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Jack Tan

Candidate for Members at Large

Jack Tan

Candidacy Motivation and Relevance

My name is Jack Tan from Singapore and I am a cardiologist. I am running for a role as WHF Member At Large.

My personal motivation has always been to help the community at large advance and advocate for better cardiovascular care. This need is striking in my part of the world in Asia and particularly south Asia where there is still a wide gap in addressing common risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidaemia, tobacco use and obesity, the 5 big killers.

Having board experience in the Singapore Heart Foundation and Singapore Cardiac Society has also helped me realize the synergistic roles that professional cardiac societies and NGOs play in this space. My personal involvements in delivering educational and professional activities at the Asian Pacific society of cardiology and prior networks at WHF has helped me see how a convenor like WHF can push agendas that benefit regional societies and networks to help each other, which we sorely need more of.

I hope to be able to contribute as one of the members at large representing Asia and the WHF.